15 Hot Cosplay Pictures Of Your Favorite Wrestling Women



Mickie James was part of many Halloween Costume contests during her first stint in WWE, that started back in 2005. Mickie’s most famous outfit was definitely when she dressed up as Lara Croft but was sadly quickly eliminated from the contest.

There isn’t a female alive that didn’t think they could be Lara Croft when the Tomb Raider films first came out. Angelina Jolie inspired an entire generation and it seems that Mickie reignited that fire when she used the Croft as the inspiration for her outfit. Mickie hasn’t been able to dress up and show off her the real her when it comes to her own outfit choices since she’s returned to WWE over the past year as hopefully, Halloween costume contests will now be remembered as a thing of the past.



There are a lot of different superheroes that a woman can decide to dress up as for Halloween. But no hero has a sexier outfit that Catwoman. Halle Berry’s re-imagination of the comic book star saw her be upgraded to what was a stunning PVC outfit that only Berry herself could really pull off.

Candice Michelle decided that she wanted to attempt to dress up as the feline for a Halloween episode of Monday Night Raw. And it has to be said that she definitely pulls that off with style. Candice would have been the winner of a number of Battle Royal matches if the decision as made solely on the outfit. This one was definitely one of her best and she still remains the only female wrestler to have attempted to be Catwoman.



Velvet Sky is a former TNA Knockout’s Champion. And even though she has left the company in recent years, she will always be remembered as one of the most beautiful women to ever enter The Impact Zone.

Velvet was once part of The Beautiful People, which makes complete sense, and she proves that here with her own take on Freddy Kruger’s famous attire from Nightmare on Elm Street. Alexa Bliss has most recently been seen wearing her take on Kruger’s outfit back on the Halloween episode of SmackDown last year. But Velvet has managed to blow Alexa’s outfit out of the water with this one. Perhaps the two women should settle who the bigger fan is in one-on-one competition, after all. In fact, it has been rumoured that Velvet could be heading to WWE.



AJ Lee was always a self-confessed nerd and has recently released her autobiography where she talks about her life growing up and her obsession with comic books. AJ is also a huge fan of video games and was seen dressed up as Kitana from Mortal Kombat at one point. But everyone’s favorite Halloween costume when it comes to AJ was when she dressed as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

AJ somehow managed to make the outfit one of the best that year. And even though Sasha Banks has tried to recreate the outfit since, it has nothing on the original that AJ obviously worked hard to be able to convince the powers at the top of WWE to allow her to wear. AJ always knew how to use her love of all things that were considered nerdy, and this just further proves that point.



Despite the fact that Peyton Royce has now seemingly taken over all things Poison Ivy related in recent months when it comes to her custom ring attire. Michelle McCool was actually the first woman in WWE to dress up as one-third of the Gotham City Sirens. And she looks pretty incredible as the nature-loving Goddess.

Michelle McCool herself took part in many costume competitions during her time in WWE but this is definitely the best costume that she has been able to come up with. Poison Ivy is often overlooked in favour of the likes of Catwoman or Harley Quinn, given that they have been given much more screen time in recent years. So it’s nice to see that someone is still willing to dress up as Poison Ivy when the occasion arises.

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