15 Hot Cosplay Pictures Of Your Favorite Wrestling Women




Halloween is always the best time of year when it comes to finding out who people’s favorite superheroes or supervillains. As we can see, Sasha Banks has a soft spot for The Joker. Here she is in the attire she wore for Halloween a few years ago, which is actually an impressive custom made outfit. That includes knee high socks and shorts that Sasha could actually wrestle in if she wanted to.

Sasha even goes that one step further by holding a cane in an image that wrestling fans still continue to share and comment on years after it was posted. Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss are not the only two women on WWE’s main roster that know a thing or two about comic books, Sasha just keeps her comic book obsession well hidden.



Mickie James is not as forthcoming about her love of comic books and action films as the likes of Alexa Bliss and AJ Lee, but over the past few years and during her first stint in WWE, Mickie dressed up as an Indian Princess, as seen above she dresses as Lara Croft, and then decided to dress as Elektra.

Elektra was recently seen in the Daredevil films that were made back in the early 2000s as well as having her own film made about her. Mickie is obviously a woman who enjoys dressing up as women who are seen as heroes because it gives her motivation to stand out when she’s in a WWE ring on WWE TV. As Elektra, it has to be said that Mickie definitely looks the hottest she ever has.



Former WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly decided to join the hype at Halloween back in 2016 when she dressed up as Harley Quinn. The release of Suicide Squad last year made sales of Harley Quinn related outfits and memorabilia skyrocket as many women decided to dress up as Margot Robbie’s re-imagined version of the famous super villain for Halloween.

Kelly Kelly is one of the only women who has the same body frame as Robbie and was able to recreate the character in a way that makes it hard to tell that it is Kelly under all of that make-up. Despite it being such a common outfit last Halloween, it seems that Kelly managed to add her own unique twist to it and still ended up looking incredible.


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Becky Lynch decided to dress up as Robin for Halloween back in 2014 alongside Sasha Banks who was dressed as The Joker and JoJo Offerman as Batwoman. In the past Eve Torres and Brie Bella have dressed as Robin but Becky’s costume was definitely one of the best.

Without realizing it, the above picture is Batwoman and Robin as a woman which means that Becky is actually JoJo’s sidekick. JoJo has never been in the same ring as Becky when it comes to actual wrestling, so it was probably nice for JoJo to be able to be the powerful one in the duo for a change. Both women look incredible regardless of who they decide to dress up as, but Batwoman and Robin were great choices.



Trish Stratus showed the wrestling world that she truly is Wonder Woman back in 2005 when she took part in a Halloween Costume competition. Ever since Trish put on the outfit and stood out as a seven-time Women’s Champion, it has been hard for any other female wrestler to come close.

Trish took the wrestling world by storm and even though she was only part of WWE for around five years, she still managed to leave a lasting impression and an incredible legacy that the current roster is still trying to live up to. Trish dressed up as Wonder Woman because, in the eyes of the WWE Universe, that is who she really is. The record-setting WWE Hall of Famer knows that deep down, she is the Wonder Woman of WWE.

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