Early Look: Projecting The Entire First Round Of The 2018 NFL Draft

Early Look: Projecting The Entire First Round Of The 2018 NFL Draft

With the NFL season right around the corner it would be fun to see what each team’s record would be at the end of December. Well instead we are going to take an early look at the 2018 NFL Draft. This year’s draft class is very quarterback heavy, and there is a chance that we can see the most quarterbacks go in the first round in the history of the NFL Draft. The most quarterbacks ever taken in the first round in a single NFL Draft is five and has been done twice before (1983, 1999).

Most of the time first round draft picks can be either a boom or a bust, then you have your cases where it takes them a while to get going, and once they get going, you don’t look back at your pick. Then you have your cases where the guy starts off hot has a good year or two, and then he gets a big contract and then plummets out of control. So many different examples of how first round picks are, what percentage of them actually succeed, and what percentage of them struggle to succeed in the National Football League.

There are several teams that have really liked the decision that they made in the first round as they found either a new face of the franchise, or they found a piece that can come in right away and be an effective part of the team in which they are drafted to. Other teams struggle with their first round selections and have terrible track records to prove it. With that being said here is an early look of projecting the entire first round of the 2018 NFL Draft.


The New York Jets will finish with the worst record in 2017, and will end up with the number one overall selection. With that selection they would select the redshirt sophomore quarterback out of USC Sam Darnold. Darnold could be the future face of the New York Jets franchise, and the Jets fans would love to have him. He has another year to get better at the University of Southern California, and will only increase his stock.

The Jets are in desperate need of a starting quarterback that can start right away, and could help lead New York for the foreseeable future. Looking forward if the Jets have the number one overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, there is no way that they can screw this up. Darnold looks like the consensus number one overall selection at the moment and looks like a lock to be a member of the New York Jets.


The Los Angeles Rams could definitely use a talented offensive lineman like Mike McGlinchey. If the Rams want to find out if Jared Goff is their answer at quarterback, they can start by building an offensive line in front of him. McGlinchey can play either right tackle which he played up until this season. He is transitioning to left tackle, and could be a huge help for the Irish.

The senior lineman redshirted his first season, and is one of the most highly talented offensive lineman in this year’s draft class. He is very technically sound, and his balance and wide base is what makes him so successful. Look for the Rams to be able to snag McGlinchey with the second overall selection, and to use him as Jared Goff’s blind side guy.


The Chicago Bears are in the same boat as the Rams as they need to find out if Trubisky is the guy that can help them move forward into the future. They need an offensive line to do it and why not draft what could possibly one of the best ones out of this year’s draft class in Connor Williams. The junior offensive tackle is very talented and makes the hard tasks that are required for a lineman easy to do. He just does it effortless, and helps make the University of Texas a better football team.

Looking ahead Williams is a great run and pass blocker, and he has tremendous movement from side to side. The only thing about Williams is he can get a little too aggressive at times and that is something that he needs to work/contain while playing in the NFL. Other than that the Bears should look to have him protect Trubisky’s blind side.


The San Francisco 49ers are in need of a quarterback that they believe can shape their future, which is looking pretty bright. That quarterback is none other than junior Josh Allen out of the University of Wyoming. Allen has so many physical tools to his ability which makes him a highly looked at quarterback in this year’s stacked draft class. With his great arm strength and has great accuracy throwing on the run.

He has all the skills that a number one overall pick has, but we think the Jets will decide to go in a different direction. While the Rams, and Bears already have a quarterback, the 49ers get lucky with Allen falling to them at four. He would fit in Kyle Shanahan’s system really well, and could help lead the charge for that young San Francisco team.



The Cleveland Browns are slowly improving, but they have a tough decision to make which option to upgrade on the offensive side of the football. They can either go after a quarterback in a QB heavy draft, or they can go snag the best running back on the board. After a tough deliberation the Browns decide to go with a running back and they draft junior running back Saquon Barkley out of Penn State University.

The Browns are absolutely in a win win situation here, because they can grab a talented player on offense, and can help them out right away. Barkley has patience, great vision, and can be an effective pass blocker when needed. If he can consistently hit the hole, and not get too bounce happy he will be an effective running back in the National Football League.


The Buffalo Bills are another team that will end up in the top ten in the 2018 NFL Draft, but luckily for them they are able to draft a quarterback of the future. That quarterback will be none other than the reigning Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson. The junior quarterback out of the university of Louisville looks not only to repeat as the Heisman Trophy Winner this upcoming season, but he is looking to cement his draft stock into a top ten selection.

With Buffalo being in need of a good talented arm that is not Tyrod Taylor, Jackson is younger, faster, and has some serious superstar potential. Another year at Louisville can go along way for Lamar Jackson especially if he can start getting consistent with his accurate passing game. Look to hear a lot about Jackson again this year, and could be taken by Buffalo wherever they pick.

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