There are men, playing for your favorite team, making millions, that you know just absolutely suck. The game of football is a tough game. It’s a mix of strength and knowledge, that all players to play at the highest level. Players have overcome so much diversity to get to the NFL, battling against other players their whole lives. Finally, after dominating the game of football at their respected position, they arrive to the NFL with the highest expectations. They work their whole lives for this moment, but they just can’t perform at that same high level anymore.

Playing in the NFL is like no other sport. The transition from college football to the NFL may be the largest gap between collegiate sports and professional sports. Defenses control the game, not the offense. Guys are smarter, older, and a lot stronger. The best of the best has made it and dominated, while others have struggled to stay as a starter.

Some guys just can’t keep up with the pace of the NFL, and struggle to maintain a long career. The game takes a leap, and not every player takes that leap. There are many players in the NFL, and some struggle, but are good enough to be starters. This may drive fans and coaches crazy, but they are good enough to plug in as a starter to help the team. These players may be some of the worst in the game, but still manage to make a paycheck of a starting NFL player.

Here Are The Worst Starting NFL Player At Every Position:


Age takes a toll, and it took one on Tedd Ginn Jr. The punt return specialist has struggled to take it up a notch and take one to the house. Last season, Ginn Jr. only was able to accumulate 202 punt return yards, as well as an average of 7.0 yards per carry. His longest return on the season was for only 19 yards. Ginn Jr. still performs at a high level as a wide receiver, but has seemed to have lost his step as a punt returner.

We haven’t seen Ginn Jr. take back a punt return to the end zone since 2014, and it may not be another few years, if ever, that we see him returning punts for touchdowns ever again. The punt return position is for younger players with a lot of speed. Ginn Jr. still has the hands, and enough speed to outrun linebackers, but his days on special teams are over.


The former FAU alumni has not been able to take his superstar status from Boca Raton into the NFL. Lucky Whitehead has struggled heavily trying to make a career in the NFL as a kick return specialist. He has struggled so much that the Dallas Cowboys were willing to release Whitehead when he was falsely accused of shoplifting.

Whitehead has struggled to take the lanes to get deep into opponent’s territories. Whitehead has a tendency to run straight into defenders, instead of running away from them. Whitehead also doesn’t have the ability to make defenders miss. His talent was enough for the New York Jets to pick him up, but not enough to keep his job in Dallas. His inability to be explosive on “America’s Team” contributed to him being released.


Punters may be one of the most under-appreciated positions in football. It seems like you’re just giving kicking a ball to the opponent, but the better accuracy and leg power you have, the deeper you can pin opponents into their own territory. Punters are also the last person that can make a tackle if returners make their way past defenders.

The former Arizona Cardinals punter struggled to get it going in 2016. He averaged 41.6 yards per punt, and only managed to put 13 punts inside the 20. The inability to help perform at a high level helped his departure to Minnesota. Quigley used to be one of the more dominant performers as a punter in the NFL, but took a big step backwards in the 2016 season. Quigley may need to take some extra reps this offseason to help get his performance back to his pre-2016 campaign.


The star kicker from Florida State University who was selected in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft. He was the highest drafted kicker in NFL Draft history. After one season, Aguayo is known as the worst kicker in the league. A huge disappointment from Aguayo’s rookie season lead the Bucs to sign Nick Folk. Folk was signed to bring in competition for Aguayo, who may be in danger of losing the starting position.

Aguayo finished his rookie season kicking at 71 percent, missing nine field goals on the season. Aguayo’s longest field goal of the season was a short, 43-yard field goal. With a team that’s looking to make a run in the playoffs, they don’t have time to mess around with a kicker who struggles to hit field goals. As a playoff competitor, the last of their worries should be their kicker missing nine field goals in a season. Nick Folk will come in, and have a good shot of sending Aguayo to the bench.


One of the most dangerous defenses in the league, signed the worst safety in the league. Duke Ihenacho signed with the New York Giants after finishing his season with the Washington Redskins. Ihenacho has a slim chance of being a start in New York with Landon Collins as the starter, but Ihenacho’s performance in Washington showed how poor of a starter he is.

Ihenacho has been in the league since 2012, yet has still not received his first interception as a safety. Ihenacho shows that he is a strong hitter and can help in the run game, but struggles in coverage. With a division that requires covering Dez Bryant and Alshon Jeffrey, things are only going to get worse for the new Giants safety. His inability to make plays on the ball will lead him to being burned down the field by the many top receivers in the NFC East. His poor performance will lead him to less playing time than he received with the Redskins.