The Worst NFL Starter At Every Position


The New York Giants seem to get things going on defense, but for their offense, it still seems to struggle due to the poor performance of their offensive line. Ereck Flowers, first round pick of the 2015 NFL Draft, has seemed to be a total bust since entering the league. In 2016, he allowed 59 pressures, ranking 2nd worst in the league, and had a 92.7 pass blocking efficiency.

The team may consider moving Flowers over to right tackle, as Flowers has struggled at the blind side position. The Giants can’t afford to let Eli Manning get hit anymore, when they’re trying to make a playoff run. It’s only a matter of time before the Giants go out and get another offensive tackle to replace to poor performances of Ereck Flowers. With a division that is close, and each NFC East team drafting a defensive lineman, the Giants are going to want to find Flowers replacement sooner rather than later.


The 49ers are still trying to find their way back to their form that they played in 2012 when they made it to the Super Bowl. Ever since, the 49ers have found themselves back at the bottom of the barrel in the NFL. Ever since Vernon Davis left, the 49ers have been struggling to find a dominant tight end for their quarterback to throw to. Instead of finding a dominant force in the pass game, they may have the worst tight end in the league.

Garrett Celek hasn’t shown anything spectacular to 49ers fans to give them a feeling that they may have the star tight end they need. Throughout his career in San Francisco, Celek has only been able to catch six touchdown passes, which have only game in the past two years. Celek has seen more playing time, but will need to improve in the passing game if he wants to compete with other tight ends on the roster. The 49ers have had success using the tight end position in the past, and would like to find their successor to Vernon Davis.


The Titans have looked for a dominant wide receiver for Marcus Mariota to help the team go to the next level, unfortunately, Kendall Wright was not their man. The Chicago Bears signed Wright this offseason, to give a weapon to Mike Glennon or Mitchell Trubisky, whichever quarterback will become the start Week 1. Wright finished the 2016 season with only 416 receiving yards and three touchdowns. Wright has seen a slow decline in his career since his 1,079 receiving yard season back in 2013.

Wright claimed that the reason for his lack of production in 2016 was because of the Tennessee Titans inability to get Wright on the field enough. Whether this is the truth, it won’t matter for the Titans come 2017. The Titans drafted Corey Davis and signed Eric Decker, helping fill a need that was desperate for the team. Wright’s decline seems that it will continue as his home moves to a team that may not know who their starting quarterback will even be this upcoming season.


The Detroit Lions still struggle to find a running back to help complement Matthew Stafford, and help balance out this offense. The Lions have tried out multiple running backs through the season, but haven’t had much luck finding one that stands out. Theo Riddick is one of the starters that played in the 2016 season, and was not able to show any signs of helping carry this run game who has struggled.

Riddick struggled in 2016 averaging 3.9 yards a carry, and only one touchdown. As a running back taking the carries, Riddick definitely cannot help becoming the man for the Lions. However, Riddick has shown signs that he can be a Lance Dunbar for the Lions. Riddick caught for 371 yards and scored five touchdowns in the passing game. His skill level can help make him a third down back that plays a lot in the pass, or even as a slot receiver, but the Lions will need to continue to find a running back that can help take the workload off of Stafford.


There was a lot of chatter about Brock Osweiler after the 2015 season, after he helped lead the Denver Broncos to the playoffs before Peyton Manning took back over. He showed that he was a serviceable quarterback in 2015, but in 2016, everyone questioned why the Houston Texans signed Osweiler to a four-year $72 million deal.

In 2016, Osweiler threw 15 touchdown passes and 16 interceptions, finishing with a 72.2 passer rating. Even after the huge contract Osweiler signed, the Texans still tested out Tom Savage as the starting quarterback. Osweiler’s inability to throw the long ball, and poor accuracy led to his awful 2016 campaign. The Texans have the pieces to become one of the better teams in the NFL, but first they needed to get rid of Osweiler.

The Houston Texans offered the Cleveland Browns a second-round draft pick just to take Brock Osweiler’s heavy contract. The Browns did, in need of as many draft picks as possible, and a quarterback to take over in Ohio. If Osweiler continues to perform poorly, the Browns may even let Osweiler walk, making the quarterback jobless for good.


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